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With internet you can communicate with the person on the other side of the world in milliseconds. You can exchange pictures and video call each other. It was almost impossible before to see how others look like without the help of movies and pictures. But now a person can video call his/her friend anytime and they can show you what they are wearing and what they have cooked. How is the weather around their neighborhood?  Facebook gave another definition to internet availability. Now people don’t ask if you have internet or not. They ask do you have an account on Facebook or not? Internet availability has become a commodity in our new lifestyle and without it there is no new lifestyle it’s just the old one with telephone and letters. That is why Centurylink coverage has to be 100% across the united states to capture all the market and provide the startups with the opportunity to grow their business online.

The no. of entrepreneurs are increasing and most of their percentage going in IT business causing a bulk load of increase internet availability demand. Even in developing countries startup are mostly in the field of IT. Because all it requires to start your own business in the field of IT is a PC and internet availability. The rest is your knowledge and investment on hardware, marketing etc. Internet is taking the place of newspapers. Almost all the newspaper industry is going online and some of the famous magazines have now stopped publishing their magazines on paper. While going online they are not only saving hundreds of millions dollars that were previously spent on paper but they have captured a large market for their magazine around the world through internet availability.

Internet usage trend is increasing and everyone is following the footsteps of internet pioneers in this industry. With the milestones of internet availability that are reached every year there will be a day when whole world will be connected. In the united states and some other countries Centurylink is the flag bearer of providing inter to the people. Many of the educational institutes have developed their websites and are now giving lectures online providing quality education to the people who cant affo
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