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The industrial revolution age is history and world is entering or I might say has entered into the information revolution age. Now the power on this planet earth lies in the hand of those who have the information. But revolution is a slow process, it starts with an idea whose time has come and the idea of internet was the flag bearer of this revolution. It took nearly 50 years from the inception of this idea to its present form. Few years back who could have thought that the world will be connected and everyone on this earth can communicate with each other remotely. A combination of 0 and 1 has transformed this world. It is strange to realize that the whole information age is based on just 0 and 1. But the task is not complete yet and whole world is not connected. According to survey reports the total numbers of internet users were 39% of the total world’s population in 2013. Out of which 70 % internet users are from the developed world. United states of America is leading the board with the maximum numbers of internet users. Many telecommunication companies have captured the market in USA.

Centurylink is the 3rd largest telecommunication company in USA with a market cap of 22 billion dollars on stock market just behind AT&T and Verizon. In the U.S market is operates as an internet service provider and  local exchange carrier. The index of internet availability in U.S is very high relative to the developing countries. About 81% people in US had internet availability in their area or were using internet in the year 2012. This is because of the wide range of lines that these companies placed around the country to connect people. Centurylink incorporation was founded in 1968 as a telecommunication company. It grew tremendously in these years and now almost 50 states have Centurylink coverage. Covering all the major cities and town in these states and has now become an international telecommunication company with major branches in various countries. It has become a global leader in cloud infrastructure and has hosted IT solutions for many enterprises.

With its unique strategy Century Link company has captured the local and some part of international market with its advanced optical fiber structure. The company is also offering entertainment services in the form of PRISM TV and DIRECTV. Centurylink coverage around the U.S is remarkable. It has almost connected each every major city through optical fiber and is advancing. It is now providing 10 MB/s of internet speed as a benchmark across the U.S. Customers can have broadband on their previously installed line or can get a dedicated fiber line depending upon the Centurylink coverage in their area. It also offers Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) after the acquisition of Tier-3 in Seattle. Currently it is offering voice and data communication, television and home security services. It also offers fiber optic based IPTV called PRISM TV and in 2014 it had 200,000 subscribers. In February 2014 it started Gigabyte fiber service in the surrounding areas of Salt Lake city and has announced to increase Centurylink coverage to 14 other markets.

Centurylink has almost 47,000 employees and has annual revenue of 18 billion dollars in the year 2012. With the number of users increasing and the company upgrading its infrastructure continuously Centurylink coverage has become prominent in all major areas. Now with unlimited internet availability the information industry is growing rapidly in the united states. In the past decade many of the billion dollar markets emerged out of nowhere just because of the internet availability. Everyone knows about Facebook and twitter. These two websites are now leading the world in social networking and everyone knows they started out from a laptop and a internet connection. Who knows the Harvard university at that time had the Centurylink Coverage or not but now it has. With internet going fast and faster everyday knowledge is spreading like the rays of sun through internet availability. What are the benefits of the internet availability if you might ask? let me tell you what are they.

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